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Brocade & IBM
Brocade & EMC
        SRDF OVER IP
        Mirror View
Brocade & STK
Brocade & HP
        Disk mirror(UWM)
        Disk mirror (IP)
Brocade & HITACHI
        Remote data replication
Brocade USA
        Protect Exchange
        Protect Oracle
Benefits of this solution
Increase disaster resilience
    Unlimited distances between primary and duplicate ESS (Enterprise Storage Server) 
storage arra
Save money by using existing facilities for backup sites
  Because WAN connections have no distance limitations, you can place your remote disk 
array where
Use bandwidth efficiently
    You'll make the most of your bandwidth because CNT's UltraNet-architecture provides 
Move data anywhere
    The UltraNet Storage Director provides connectivity via ATM,T3/E3 or IP networks to 
free you f
Keep data available 24x7x365
    Maintain full operation during system upgrades, data center migrations and 
Why remote disk mirroring
    Remote disk mirroring has a variety of possible uses in data protection, data 
replication, and
Data protection
    Disk mirroring provides a secure, current copy of your business information in a 
remote locati
Data replication
    This application facilitates efficient use of your information throughout your 
enterprise. Mul
Data migration
    Remote disk mirroring provides seamless data migration over unlimited distances to 
aid in data
A cost-effective disk mirroring solution
    IBM's Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC) is a hardware-based disaster recovery and 
workload migra
Optimal performance
    You may ask, can these requirements still be met when extended distances come into 
play? What
Remote disk mirroring with PPRC
    In this remote disk mirroring implementation, the two IBM disk arrays can be placed 
in separat
CNT and IBM combine for more value
    Beyond the seamless product integration, the IBM and CNT partnership goes even 
further to help
    This solution configuration has been fully tested by IBM laboratories, and is 
available for im
  -- IBM Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) Disk Array (2)
-- IBM Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC) so